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Tomatoes, Lentils, Tamarind, Black Pepper, Spices, DGNV.

Chicken Manchow Soup$5.00

Green Pepper, Spring Onions, Ginger, Garlic, Chicken Stock, Mix of Vegetables , DGNV

Goat Soup$4.00

Green Pepper, Spring Onions, Ginger, Garlic, Chicken Stock, Mix of Vegetables , DGNV


Samosa (Mix Vegetable)$6.00

Fried homemade street food savory with Mix Vegetable

Medhu Vada-primary$7.00

Fried lentil Doughnut served with Sambar and Chutney

Sambar Vada / Rasam Vada$7.00

Fried lentil Dought immersed in bowl of Sambar/Rasam

Franky Veg/Paneer Roll$10.00/11.00

Spiced Vegetable/Paneer wrapped in tortilla

GOBI Manchurian$11.00

Batter fried cauliflower & mix with Sauce

PANNER 65$12.00

Batter fried Panner cubes spiced up in traditional south indian spices

French Fries$4.00

Crispy potato fries, cheese, garlic, spices masala

Okra Fitter$9.00

Mix okra with chick pea flour with pepper, cilantro and deep fried


Egg Bajji$7.00

Popular south indian snack deep fried egg with chick pea flour served with coconut chutney

Chicken Samosa$7.00

Fried homemade street food style chicken filling served with green chutney and tamarind sauce

Chicken Chinthamani$13.00

Chicken strips deep fried with chef special sauce

Chicken 555$13.00

Chicken marinated in ginger, garlic South indian style sauce spinkled with cashnut

Pomfret Fish Fry$14.00

Pomfret fish marinated with indian Spices and grilled

Sea – salt & pepper Shrimp$14.00

King Shrimp marinated with pepper and salt, deep fried and toasted with sauce.

Lamb Pepper Fry$15.00

Roasted fresh lamb meat with Chennai spices and black pepper

Chicken 65$13.00

South indian dish made with street sided marinated with authentic sauce

Chicken Majestic$13.00

Chef special sauce marinated with chicken, Spicy yogurt sauce and deep fried

Madurai chili fish$14.00

Popular in Hyderabad marinated tilapia fish with spices, ginger, Garlic deep fried with south indian spices